Features of Casino Games: Real Money Slots

Playing online slots is highly adventurous. It’s a massive opportunity to try your luck, improve gambling skills, and earn some confidence. Finally, as a gambler, you just get to experience a fantastic feeling as you win.

Slot machines are an excellent choice for everyone who is simply looking for entertainment. Immediate results and huge prizes are what makes people passionate about slots.

The Web provides a limitless number of slot games online. They all have different algorithms and approaches. Thus, read this full guide to find out which slots machines will suit you and how to play them to get the most fun.

Why Play Online Slots For Real Cash?

The online casino offers lots of real cash games. Some prefer video poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, whereas others are into playing online slots. But why choosing them at all? Are they really so exciting? Do they offer fair winnings?

It’s Cheaper and Safer

Online casino providers often have better odds on the games. Unlike real-life casinos, the online alternatives don’t have to pay salaries to numerous employees, and cover big losses, or damages from the customers. Thus, you can expect a more beneficial outcome in the form of high payout.

Great Range of Choices

Online casinos offer a great variety of table games and an extensive list of themed slot machines. In classic land-based casinos though, you often have to wait until someone leaves the table before you can join.

It’s Convenient

You might not have any casino nearby. Or, perhaps, the atmosphere there doesn’t appeal to you and thus doesn’t allow you to enjoy the process.

You won’t face all these problems when entering an online casino though. No dress code required, no traveling involved, etc. — just register, make some deposits, and enjoy the titles offered. Yes, it’s that easy! All you need to do is select the right venue, signup, deposit, and start playing. Besides, you can also get welcome bonus packages with free spins, 100 special bonus cash, and more.

Types Of Slots

You can distinguish online slot games by the units of money they accept: pennies, nickels, quarters, dollars. You can also differentiate the games according to the number of reels they have: 3 reel machines, 5 reel machines, etc.

Finally, each title has a type, and we will certainly focus on them in more detail further. So, check out which are most suitable for you.


Classic online slots are alternative to those games that were found in the real land-based casino establishments years ago. They are the most in demand games, and are not only a good start for beginners in gambling, but also a common way of earning for regular punters. So, don’t worry, experienced players will also find them interesting. Lots of currently recommended games have additional features such as bonus games and scattered symbols that unlock free spins, mini-games, etc.

The reasons to go with classic:

  • Easy navigation and interface;
  • Great bonuses and diverse in-game bonuses;
  • Quick rewards.

The main drawback (or for someone — an advantage) is the limited number of betting options. However, due to random jackpots, you can always win a fortune easily and unexpectedly. Finally, classic never goes out of style.

Fruit Machines

Unlike classic titles, fruit machines have more gambling features, among which are the cash ladder, bonus trail, bonus board, etc. They are hit automatically during the game, and players have to react and get their bonuses quickly.

Besides, you can also play Hi-Lo bonus rounds after each match. Guess the colour and suit of the next card and double your prize or lose it all.


  • They require more interaction from a player;
  • Provide a greater diversity of bonus features;
  • More challenged matches.

Fruit machines are great for advanced players looking for a more complicated and higher risk game scenario.


The main feature of this type is that the jackpot increases with every game until someone wins it. Consequently, the more you play, the more desirable the prize becomes. Besides, several games are linked together to one jackpot prize, making it the biggest luck for a winner.

Another particular feature is that you can make only max bets to win the reward. These are the adventures for the true gamblers.

Video Slots

This is an improved version of classic slots of old times. Video ones don’t have a particular amount of reels, and their gameplay differs as well. There are various extraordinary bonuses, symbols, and mini-games to keep gamers involved. And the plot is usually based on movies and heroes from popular culture.

Whereas classic and fruit machines evoke nostalgia, video slots are what the youth would prefer to play nowadays. The majority of current video slots have 5 reels, and others introduce 9 reel titles for the most stunning experience possible.


  • Enchanting experience;
  • Greater quality of graphics and groundbreaking bonus features;
  • Choose among lots of options to play.

Slots on Mobile

Today you can play more than 100 different online games on your device. You can select among classic or fruit machines, video ones, and others. So if you have a gadget that runs on Android or iOS, you can access hundreds of table games, slot games and play online. Gamble anytime and anywhere; and if you are lucky enough, you will earn a pretty penny.

3D Slot Machines

With the technology developing, we seek for games that are more realistic. And 3D slots offer an escape from reality. With the most proficient software, these games excel in so many aspects: graphics, sound, effects, animations. Besides, 3D games support various languages, so the language barrier won’t be a problem.

To play 3D, you have to download specific software from the casino’s website. Check out different games, get acquainted with their rules, and win prizes. 3D games are available on mobile phones and desktop PCs.

Guide into Playing Slots for Real Money

Even though each game might have its own rules or extra features, the general principle of how gaming machines work is similar. We will walk you through each step so that you can understand what to expect from online casino sites.

Registration and Depositing

Firstly, create an account. Registration doesn’t take long and doesn’t require much personal info from you. You have to enter the basic information about yourself and the gaming account details. Agree to the terms and conditions, check the data you entered and click the button to create an account.

Once you are registered, play for virtual or real money, or claim casino prizes. A deposit method is what you need if you plan to bet cash. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer to the venue and explore the world of gambling.

Claiming of Casino Bonus

Online casinos always have bonus systems to encourage the players to join the venue. However, every casino has its own terms, based on which it rewards players. Read them carefully and follow the conditions. But what exactly does your online casino offer? Let’s find out.

Welcome Bonus

When you become a member of the online casino, it encourages you with promotions. It can be free spins or deals for your first deposit.


A no-deposit bonus is given to players for some special action completed in the games. Receive extras for referring a friend, signing up to the venue, or downloading an application. In addition, you can get loyalty points.

Free Spins

This widespread promotion lets you play a match of a slot game without wagering real money. Small advice here: don’t hesitate and use them as soon as possible. Some of them might disappear within time. Often, you have to use free spins within a particular amount of time, or they will stop being valid.

In-Game Bonuses: What To Know?

You might be rewarded with an in-game bonus while playing online as a result of spin or win.

Wild Symbols

The wild symbol can save your butt and win you the game. It is a special sign that can appear on any reel. The wilds automatically become the symbol you want it to be. Thus, they help you get a winning payline.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols in online games unlock various bonuses and mini-games. The scatter symbol has to appear anywhere on the reel to provide you with a reward. Your prize would vary. Also, the image of scatter symbols differs depending on the game you choose.


A withdrawal is an easy process. Find the payment method option and click a withdrawal button. Type in how much money you want to receive and confirm the request. The withdrawal may take from 1 to 10 working days to reach the account.

Top Tips For Successful Playing

For newcomers, gambling might seem complicated. But it’s only so at first. Once you get used to the online casino you selected and the games you play, it will become much easier. So these tips, inspired by The Mirror, will help you figure out how to play and win.

  1. Play what you know – focus on the games you like and improve your skills.
  2. Develop the strategy – you should always improve your gaming technique and come up with better strategies to win.
  3. Pay attention to the promotions – often you will find lots of useful bonuses that you can apply to succeed in gambling.
  4. Don’t go over your limits – set a sum of money that you can spend on gambling and stick to it.
  5. Know when to quit and quit while you can – when you are winning, you might get the feeling that you can have it all right now, but it’s better to stop while you haven’t lost everything. Take gaming responsibly.

The Web provides many opportunities for those who know what they are seeking. You can find any kind of entertainment on the Web and feel like you are in a real casino without leaving your home. The crucial thing is to find the ideal game and stick to the simple tips when entering the world of gambling.