Online Roulette for Real Money – How to Play and Win?

Are you looking to play real-cash online roulette today, but have no idea where to start? We have put together this insightful piece that covers information on different types of wagers and strategies to boost your possibilities of walking home with some real cash after a roulette session?

Roulette is loved by many gamblers. And it is easy to see why it attracts players: it is very simple to grasp and comes in different variations. Although the premise behind the game is quite straightforward, there are still a lot of fundamental principles, which one has to comprehend before starting to reap the benefits.

Without proper comprehension of both basic and fundamental principles of the game, it is tough to conjure up a strategy on how to maximize your possibilities of smiling all the way to the bank after a session of real cash roulette. For you to take a real shot at walking home with a positive bankroll, it is imperative to take time out to carefully understand the dynamics of the game and how to minimize financial losses.

To aid you in understanding roulette better, we have compiled this guide with insightful tips, explanations on different strategies, a look at the categories of roulette and the surest wagers to stick your cash on. Before delving into the steps that will help you get better chances of walking home with some money, let’s first differentiate real money roulette from free roulette.

Real Money vs. Free Roulette

As part of learning the ropes, most gamblers hop onto the web casinos to enjoy playing demo roulette. The demo versions are a favourite among newbie players as they don’t need to deposit anything to their account to get started with the action. All that you need is a good internet connection. These demos are purely for entertainment. You can neither lose your money playing demo roulette nor win real cash while playing the same games.

The real cash versions of roulette are completely different. Here, players have to make real money bets before they can access the action. Before accessing the games, players need to create casino accounts and deposit money with low fees using the following ways — Paypal, credit cards, debit cards like Mastercard, Instadebit, Paysafecard, and other traditional banking payment methods.

Your cash is at stake here all the time, but with Lady Luck on your side, you might end up winning huge wads of cash, which can change your life forever. Collecting winnings from a session or losing a wager, is pegged to the bet type you opt for and quite frankly, some element of luck as well.

So, what are the various categories of wagers in the game? How can one access the various types of wagers in the universally loved game? Below is a quick look at the many types of bets and how players can get access to them.

Variations of Online Roulette

This is a universal game and as expected, there is a plethora of forms of the game which are enjoyed in different parts of the world. In fact, it comes in more than 5 variations. Although the core premise at the epicenter of all these forms of the game is the same, slight differences separate the available options.

Read a quick review of the most played forms of roulette below:

  • European Roulette

This is arguably the most universal form of the game that exists. It features a single spinning wheel with thirty-seven pockets and has only one 0 pocket. The design of the wheel is conventional, although casino game developers enhance and customize it upon request from casinos.

The wager options available to punters here are also universal, and we will review them below. Read our in-depth casino reviews on the various wager options available and significantly boost your likelihood of walking away from a session with more money.

  • Roulette American

The distinguishing feature of this form is an extra pocket with 00. This extra pocket means that the spinning wheel has 38 pockets, which is one more than what the traditional European roulette offers. The inclusion of the extra pocket has consequences on the odds of gamblers collecting any winnings. The additional wheel pocket tips the balance in favour of the house.

  • French Roulette

This variant has lots of resemblance to its European counterpart. These two versions have striking similarities ranging from the core design of the table to the orientation of the wheel. The key distinguishing factor between them is the naming of the wagering options and the unique rules which are exclusive to this very variant.

  • 3D Roulette

This form is a special version of European roulette. Playtech, arguably the most prolific casino software developer, decided to revamp the classic European variant and included bespoke features which made the game more appealing to online gambling enthusiasts. The terms and conditions are, however, the same as those of European roulette.

3D roulette features better graphics beautifully laid out across the screen of whatever device one is using and offers many sound effects that make the gaming experience wholesome. Gamblers can customize the game by changing the theme colors of the betting platform and other elements of the game as well.

There are other forms which include royale, marvel, and multi-wheel but these are not very common in the top grossing casino brands. A lot of casinos desist from these special forms of the game owing to their complexity and the reduced house edge they afford them.

Whether you choose to play the classic version of roulette or the aforementioned forms, there are two ways to access the games: via your desktop or your mobile device. Here is a look at what each of the two has to offer.

Online Game on Desktop

Online roulette has many elements which the player needs access to if they are to play the game effectively. One needs to clearly see his or her balance on the balance bar to know how much cash they have left, see the wager chart and the menu to help them navigate through the different elements of the game. For transparency, players should also be able to have a full view of the wheel while it is in action to be able to determine if they won or not.

There is, therefore, a need for the larger screen size to display all these elements and ensure that the players have a seamless user experience playing the game. Most desktop screens can fit all these elements and display the graphics of online roulette live without any distortion.

Although they provide enough space for playing the game, desktops have their shortcomings as well. They are not portable. Lack of portability means that players have to strictly enjoy the action from their houses or in their workplaces.

Mobile Roulette

Most people access web casinos via their mobile phones. These casinos afford them more convenience and plentiful options when enjoying their beloved games. Casino software developers like Microgaming understand that many access these casinos on their phones, and have developed responsive mobile casino games.

Although mobile phones offer smaller screens than those of their desktop counterparts, mobile roulette offers more detailed graphics, smoother gameplay, and a more extensive array of options to play from.

You can access mobile roulette through sites or gambling apps, which you can download. Be it an Android device, an iOS iPhone or iPad, you can access the game on the go. Developers include the features you don’t often need in the pop-down menu to leave enough screen space for all the crucial elements that one needs to enjoy the action without missing anything.

Odds in Roulette

Different game variants have varying levels of risks. Odds are basically the probability of your wager winning or losing. To aid you in understanding the risk factor in the various forms of wagers, read our in-depth review of the various wagers which are available to players everywhere in the world.

The top-rated international brands like Betway, Leo Vegas Casino, Casino Palace, BGO, and many other reputable brands offer the following common wager options.

Types of Roulette Bets

2 wager forms exist today in 2019: Outside bets and inside bets. To help you understand the two forms well, we have explained what each category means and the individual bet types in each category.

Outside Bet Types

These wagers are the fans’ favourite because of their simplicity. They cover a large part of the wheel. The chances of collecting winnings when you stick some money on these bets are great but the pay-outs are normally lower than those for inside wagers. Fans love these bets as they give them a fair chance of winning money.

These bets include:

  • Odd/Even Bets. Here, you predict and stick some money on whether the revolving ball will stop on an even or odd number. These wagers pay at evens.
  • Black/Red Bets. You can wager amounts of money on the ball ending up on a black or a red digit. A win sees your wager doubled at 2/1.
  • High/Low Bets. The wheel is numbered between 0-36. The 1st set (i.e 1 to 18) is low, and the 2nd (i.e 19-36) — high numbers. Stake on whether the ball makes a stop on a high number or a low number and get even payouts.
  • Thirty-six digits on the table are subdivided into three columns. You can choose any of these and wager cash. If the ball’s final position is in your selected range, then the gain is 2/1.

Inside Bets

These are more specific and you wager on the ball making a stop on specific digits or a limited set of options spread across the table. The likelihood of the ball stopping on the right spot when you wager is very low but if you are lucky enough, the winnings are huge.

Some of the wagers in this category include:

  • Straight Bet. Here, you get to wager on the revolving ball’s final position being a specific digit. It has the biggest odds paying at 35/1.
  • Split Bet. You wager on the ball making a stop on either of the two neighbouring digits on the table. The odds are half those of straight bets and these bets pay at 17/1.
  • Street Bets. A street is a row consisting of three digits lined next to each other forming rows. A successful bet pays at 11/1.
  • Corner Betting. A corner is a square region made up of 4 digits. A successful wager on the square in which the ball comes to a halt wins you 8/1 your initial wager. A $40 bet, for instance, wins $320.
  • Six Line Bets. A six-line wager is a prediction on the ball stopping on any of six digits in two consecutive rows. The odds in these bets are 5/1.
  • First Four Bets. This bet is reserved for the European variant where there is only one zero pocket. The first four digits in the layout are 0,1,2, and 3. A successful wager where the ball ends up in any of the 4 digits pays at 8/1.
  • Trio Bets. In these wagers, you get to predict whether the final position is either 0,1, or 2 rows. A successful wager pays at 11/1. A $40 bet here wins $440.
  • Top Line Bets. The top line is an American exclusive bet where you wager on the ball making a stop on any of the 5 numbers namely 0,00,1,2, and 3. The odds are 6/1.

How to Win While Playing for Real Money?

There is no secure, safe method to ensure that you always win while playing the game. But, there are special systems and approaches you can use to boost the likelihood of collecting maximum money fast and keep your bankroll going in online roulette.

Although there are guide videos and multiple strategies featured in numerous blogs, very few are as good as they claim to be, making them very risky. This is why we have listed the best quality, tested and proven strategies that you can use to have an upper hand when playing roulette. Below are some approaches you can take to minimize risk in the game.


These are staking approaches that we believe will aid you in making more informed decisions and minimizing cases of chasing losses. Execute these approaches to perfection and they will limit the amount of losses you make in every session:

  • Martingale Strategy. This is an exciting strategy that limits the likelihood of losses by always staking double what your previous stake was. If you lost $40 in your previous bet, you stake $80 in your next bet to recover the lost bet if you win. This approach needs you to have large amounts of stake and it only works with outside bets.
  • D’Alembert Strategy. This approach doesn’t bring as much excitement to risk-takers but it is thrilling to those who are careful about their staking. To avoid wasting lots of funds, you only add a unit to your previous bet after a loss and subtract a unit from your previous stake if you won. If you follow the approach to the letter, you will have a decent wad of cash for your next withdrawals.
  • James Bond Strategy. This approach is independent of the 2strategies mentioned above. This approach suits VIP high rollers who have lots of money to bet with. This strategy basically works by having an insurance bet for every bet that you place. If you wagered on high numbers, you insure it with a square wager and an additional bet on dozens, for instance. If one bet fails, there’s the likelihood that one of the other two remaining bets will hit. Note that sometimes all the wagers can lose and the loss will be even higher.

Tips and Tricks:

Live Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Make good use of the freebies to always keep your bankroll going. From deposit bonuses, match bonuses to free spins, take advantage of these freebies to win more. Remember to find information on the casino website about the minimum wagering requirements of the freebies before starting to play using them.

Choose International Casinos

If casino gambling is not restricted in your country, always opt to register with your email on international casinos, which are licensed, audited and adhere to the Gambling Commission rules and regulations. Contact their customer support service or click on the About Us page to find out if they are authorized to operate in your country. It is important to find out this information for the security of your funds and your personal information.

International casinos often have special bonuses and promotions for locals and you can take advantage of these to keep your bankroll going. Such casinos also have a wide range of fun games you can engage in — from blackjack, to live dealer poker, to slots.

Use our guide and tips to improve the probability of winning more money than you did in 2018, and remember to always give gambling a break when the fun stops in order to come back rejuvenated and win more money.