Instuction to Playing Free Video Poker Games

It may seem weird, but even the well-known and world’s popular game can require some sort of instruction. The thing is that video poker isn’t as simple as it seems at first glance. For an inexperienced passenger, this is a game in which you get cards in your hands and hope for good luck and that Vegas will be merciful with you. However, any experienced master will prove to you that while others bet on the luck, real professionals bet on the skill. Spin the wheel, we’re starting.

Advantages of Gaming for Free

Free video poker has a number of undeniable features compared to others. First of all, it is content accessibility and convenience. You sit in a comfortable chair, play free and choose the pace of the game yourself. You have enough time to think, and you aren’t disturbed by annoying people – other players – around you, only by computers. In fact, it’s you one on one against the computer, which makes video poker ideal for introverts too. You completely control the process and decide when to leave the game.

Another good reason to play online is the bonuses that video poker games offer their users. Casinos’ double and triple bonuses attract a huge number of people. Double bonus poker is a perfect opportunity for winners to hit a super jackpot at the start and earn some real money. Now, that’s what I call a bonus.

Also, video poker often has an extremely low house edge and pays almost 100% of the money you win. Do you agree that it’s needless to say that free video poker is the leader in the gambling segment these days? Enjoy it.

However, there are some inconveniences associated with playing online. The thing is that there is an incredible competition in the free video poker market. Therefore, it is not easy to choose which game to play in. At first, it may seem to you that the list of games available for playing is endless. This isn’t entirely true, although not far from reality. We will come back to this issue later.

Popular Types of Free Video Poker

Obviously, some casino games are less popular than others. There is no need to strive to become a pro in all types of card poker. Moreover, choosing a game that suits you more than other ones is not only about pleasure, as the more clear the game the better your concentration. Consequently, if you want to become some kind of a game king, you need to how to get the greatest benefit.

How to Choose the Best Video Poker Game

This seemingly simple question can cause a lot of problems since there is a huge number of great online games. Choosing the one that suits you the most is a challenge. Further, you can see a manual on how to choose the right game to get the most pleasure.

Find Reliable Casino

It is another task that seems difficult due to the huge number of excellent casinos that are ready to provide you with their services. The fastest and easiest way to find the place you need is to set up online research. This method is available to anyone with a laptop and Internet access.

The choice of the casino should be approached with all seriousness since your choice will remain with you. Pay attention to the list of services that casino offers. The institution’s history and customer reviews are also crucial.

You should not opt for an unknown casino just because they offer the most favorable conditions. The best choice would be a time-tested exclusive gambling house that focuses on customers and values ​​its reputation.

Check the List of Games by Developers

Since the selection of games is pretty wide nowadays, the choice is not going to be quick and easy. Most likely, you will need to run down the list of game products, provided by a chosen developer.

Most often, they all focus on the most popular and sought-after games such as Jacks or Better, but it doesn’t mean that you need to pick the most popular games only. Do some kind of research and make your own choice.

Nowadays it is easy to find information regarding anything you want to play. Google and YouTube will help you contact them, for example, via email. Besides, on YouTube, you can always find the latest reviews on new or old games, the latest updates, and terms.

Designers and developers work together to develop colorful and informative sites for each individual game, but do not run after a beautiful wrapper. First of all, focus on the game’s quality and reliability.

It depends only on you what game to play: triple play poker or draw poker. But remember that responsible gambling is the main component of any successful cooperation between the player and the casino.

Try Different Video Poker Games

Anyway, reviews, testimonials, opinions, and other peoples’ advice are certainly useful information, but none of this can be compared with the personal gaming experience. Time is a very valuable resource, but you won’t regret in case if you will spend it on exploring new games. This is not only a way to learn the gaming technique but entertainment as well. Moreover, if you ever want to win big, you need to start learning how to be a profi.

Compare and Choose the Most Appropriate Variant

The final stage is summing up the results of all your researches: reviews, personal experience, and people’s advice. Choose a casino and a game carefully, you must understand where you can apply your best skills. Start the game and hit the prize.

Strategies Learning for Pumping Your Skills

You should have a methodology and several gaming strategies. Poker may seem like a normal test of luck, but an experienced player manages his luck by himself and hits jackpots. The methodology is a key factor. There are several types of strategies, but below we will tell you about the two most common ones.

Simple (Basic) Strategy

So, when the phase of selecting a game is over, it is time to learn the basics. In the future, you will be able to apply more sophisticated approaches, but now, let’s start from the very beginning and discuss the basic video poker strategy.

First, it is all about analyzing what you see. At the time you learn what do the picture in front of you says, it is not that hard to make a correct decision. Simply put, there are some aspects that you need to learn before the understanding will come to you.

In any case, there are some cards that you need, just like there are some that you don’t need. Knowing that you will be able to construct some combinations in your head.

Let’s start the match. You have a pair in your hands and you are going to hold it. Most likely, you will get a chance to receive a full payroll. 100% payout with the expected value of 1 (and even higher, since you can improve your hand.

Another option is to cancel a pair and aim for the luxurious combination like Royal Flush. Payments for that combination are usually 800 to 1, so it’s a chase for a big jackpot. Nevertheless, the chances of getting a Royal are very small. Suppose you already have 4 cards and you need one more – the last one in order to assemble the combination. The chances that this will be exactly the card that you need are 1 to 47. This is approximately 2%.

2% multiplied by 800 is 16 – this is the expected value of such a choice. 16 is more than 1 (when you hold the pair), so it will be a better action to discard it and try to assemble the Royal Flush. However, this is a situation when you need one card. But what if you have 3 and need to get 2 cards more? The chance of success in such a situation is approximately 0.04%. We multiply 800 by 0.04 and get 0.32 – the expected value of the solution. This is less than 1. It is truly a black Russian Roulette.

This is an absolutely simple case since we do not take into account the chances of improving your hand for any combination other than the one we are aiming for (Royal Flush). However, this example allows you to show how the system of calculating the expected value in video poker works.

Optimal one

The essence of this strategy is to calmly wait for the chance. Using this method, you enter the game having a strong hand. This strategy is often used in professional tournaments where the risks are very high and the player must gain the highest score in order to win the trophy.

Using this method, you are guided by the chosen strategy. If you do not see the necessary cards on the table, you simply discard your cards and wait for the right moment. The task is to hit the jackpot with the most luxurious combination, such as Straight Flush or the Royal Flush.

To summarize

There is no single solution to becoming an ace in video poker. The surest way to pump-up your skill is the experience. Play, lose and play again. Train and try different strategies. Only your intuition and experience will tell you the most correct solution in each individual situation.