Free Online Slots – Playing for Fun

Free slots are very popular among casino players because they are accessible to everyone and pose no financial risk to the players. These casino games are accessible to anyone interested in giving online gambling a go, but who doesn’t want to risk any money. Basically, if you want to access slots for fun, you need to have excellent connectivity to the internet, Android phone or tablet, iOS iPhone, or a desktop.

Why Choose the Free Variant of Slots?

So, why should you spend time engaging in this variant of slots? Why should anyone spend time if there is no monetary value gained from playing them?

Although they have no monetary value attached to them, these games have great significance in the entire ecosystem. No wonder, the established casino software providers like the reputable IGT, the unbeatable Novomatic, the legendary Betsoft, or NetEnt, and the reliable Playtech churn out variants of these freebies to the gamers because of numerous benefits to their business.

Here is why you shouldn’t hesitate to give these freebies a go from time to time.

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Zero Risk For Your Cash

The beauty of playing these freebies is that there is zero risk of losing your cash when enjoying the thrill that comes with these enjoyable games. Furthermore, one doesn’t have to go through the hassle of signing up and owning an account with any site. You can jump into action without providing any personal details.

Their goal is to give you a feel of what their real money counterparts provide, but with no risk for your hard-earned cash. So, why not give them a try when you have some free time?

Skills and Knowledge Pumping

These freebies are one of the most reliable ways to polish your casino knowledge and skills. If you intend to be better at the cash editions of the action, free games are a sure way to get acquainted with the fundamentals and basics of the action.

By playing the free editions, you will have a crystal clear understanding of the rules, follow closely how the combinations of slots work and find out if you are really cut out for the real cash action where the stakes are very high.

Types of Free Casino Online Slot Machines

The freebies that clients can access fall into any of these categories.

Classic Games

The classics are a favourite choice for many gamblers. This is down to their simple gameplay and easy incorporation of modern themes. Free online classic games are computer based games, where players have to match various symbols to win.

The go-to games are the classic three-reel casino slots which use random number technology to generate three symbols across the screen. When a user clicks on the Play button, the machine runs for a few seconds before settling at a set of results. A lot of 3 reel free casino slots use fruits and other attractive themes to lure in players.

3 reel slots are the fans’ preferred real-money choice because of their simplicity and the limited play lines which increase the chances of walking home with winnings.

The examples of popular free no download classic slots include all fruit machines games, Double Diamond, Golden Grimoire, Hot City, Mega Fortunes, Ninja Fruit and Mystery World. What you opt for is pegged to your personal taste and what the website has on offer.

Video Slots Free

Video slots are slot games that have multiple pay lines. Ideally, these variants have 5 reels or more and have three or more unique symbols across the reels. Thanks to many reels, they offer more bet combinations than traditional 3 reels slots. With so many pay lines, there are lots of winning combinations, but the combinations have varying odds.

Video slots players love more advanced graphics, so developers use animations to make the action look very realistic. The games take after both ancient and modern themes. Some of the video editions include the timeless Cleopatra Slots, the enticing Gonzo’s Quest, Monopoly Slot, Pirates Riches, Miss Kitty Slots, and Starburst.

3D Slots

These up the ante a tad bit bringing a new dimension literally. This makes the whole experience more enjoyable for those accessing such slots. These games feature special graphics that appear to have a third dimension. 3D glasses or goggles are not necessary for one to have a feel of the third dimension.

They use a combination of both smart animations and graphics which create the 3D illusion. High-level vividness attracts a lot of players. The clever use of graphics engrosses players and they spend more time following the action. The examples of 3D slots include Holy Grail, The Hangover, Team III, and Monty Python.

Mobile Slots

As the name suggests, mobile slots are computer slots that are highly optimized for mobile devices. Everything from the aspect ratio to the graphics is suited for mobile phones. They are played on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and other mobile devices.

Accessing them is very simple. One just needs to visit a website like Platinum Play Casino, and choose mobile slots from the options on offer. Some of the best examples of mobile slots are Cleopatra, Michael Jackson, and other Vegas favourites such as Quick Hit, Royal Immortals and The Wizard of Oz.

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Guide Into Playing Slots for Fun

How can you best utilize these freebies and polish up your overall knowledge of the real cash editions of the casino action? Well, our full guide below will shed light on how to play the free variants of slots and integrate gained knowledge into your real cash action.

Read the reviews to have a great understanding of how slots work and boost your chances of collecting huge winnings from playing the real versions of the games.

Demo Version Features

Demo features are also available in the main real versions, and understanding these features in the free editions will shed more light on both the basics and fundamentals of slots.

Demo versions have the same graphics, gameplay, and themes as their real cash counterparts do, but they lack the financial processing features and account registration. As a result, these demos lack payment systems, don’t have account management tools. The game session normally lasts a few minutes and is always on a loop.

In-Game Symbols

In-game symbols are a key part of slots, and they are available in both the demo and the real cash editions. Symbols indicate whether a round has resulted in a win or a loss. The symbols are always illustrations, which take up different themes. They can come in the form of movie characters, fruits, sports super stars, etc.

Depending on the choice of game, the prize or payout you get from a combination of in-game symbols differs. Here is a look at the various symbols which you will stumble upon when you are enjoying the free slots.

Free Spins

These prizes offer players a chance of giving the reel another round of spins. They are a result of a given combination of specific symbols. The amount of spins awarded to you varies from one game edition to another and depends on the type of symbols available in the specific edition that one opts to play.

In the free variants of games, the prizes are only useful as they give players bonus rounds, but in the real money versions, they mean another go at spinning the reel and trying your luck at winning some cash.


These also trigger extra bonus playing rounds if players strike them. They are different in their design and whenever they pop up on the playing screen, players can utilize them to have complete winning matches of symbols.

For instance, a player’s spin yields two similar fruits and a wild in the 3rd reel. The wild can be converted into a similar fruit so that the player can have 3 matching fruits. Hence, they have a win on their hands. The value of a wild varies and depends on the other two symbols with which it appears. Some wilds yield very high payouts.

There are three different types of wilds. Sticky wilds will reappear on a given reel for multiple plays. Shifting wilds keep reappearing but on different reels. Expanding reels grow in number and often fill the entire reel.

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Scatters are the most flexible of all symbols as they unlock more possibilities than all the others do. You don’t have to match them with the other two signs on the other two reels to earn a goodie. They just need to appear on any reel and you will get either free spins, a bonus or a mini-game.

The type of prize or offer you get from a scatter depends on the number of scatters that appear after a spin. Different games have different requirements. The thing that a given number of scatters will unlock is normally written on the pay table of the specific game.

It is, therefore, imperative to read the terms and conditions of each game to understand how the payment and bonus system work. This way, you can use scatters and other symbols effectively. It is also crucial to read the privacy policy of each casino to ensure that your data is safe with them.


True to their name, these will multiply your collections by a specific number of times. For example, if you win two coins and a 2x multiplier, your payout will be doubled. The multiplier value normally varies depending on the game that one opts to play.

Jackpot and Progressive

In slots, you know that you have landed a jackpot when a given mash-up of signs appears on all the 3 reels. Jackpots yield huge rewards, which are most of the times 5x more than the original collections the player had. In demo games, the jackpots will result in more virtual coins that one can use to keep enjoying the action.

There are two variants of jackpots: flat jackpots whose amount remains constant all through and, progressive ones whose amount accumulates as you keep playing. The more games played in progressive jackpots networks, the bigger the pile of money becomes in the jackpot amount. The flat edition’s amounts remain constant no matter how long you play.

The chances of landing a jackpot in casinos depend on the game one selects to take part in. It also has an element of luck attached to it. There are some casinos where progressive jackpots have never been won while in others, lucky players take home flat jackpots from time to time.

If you have always wanted to give slots a go but haven’t had a platform to exercise on, free demos are a perfect option to exercise and comprehend the basics of slots. Using the demos will make your transition from games such as blackjack, video poker, roulette, and other table games much easier.

Hop online today, search for a good site offering the freebies, look for the perfect theme and setting, and get started with making some virtual money online. Just make sure that you keep an eye on how the games pan out and you will use this knowledge later on.

Remember to always gamble responsibly at all times to have as much fun as possible. Play for fun and not to recover losses. With responsible gambling comes little risk of addiction and little waste of money.