Free Roulette – Online Casino Game for Fun

This is a classic gambling entertainment that comes from France, and dates back to the times of Louis XIV and Cardinal Mazarin. Through the centuries, roulette has become a real symbol of casino games. Now, this is a classic form of gambling, which has several variants and is popular both on the Internet and offline. This kind of gambling is available at famous online casinos. Less popular gambling houses support it as well.

Despite the fact that gambling is forbidden in some countries, online casinos have gained worldwide popularity. This is because the online version allows you to sign up with any website and try their fortune anytime.

The Aim of Playing Roulette for Free

The end goal of any gambling entertainment is winning. And roulette always offers royal prizes. All you need to do is guess the cell where the ball will eventually land. The system is extremely simple: the wheel has 36-37 cells, or pockets. The player places bets using chips. Then the dealer spins the wheel counter-clockwise, while at the same time the ball goes clockwise.

After it falls into the pocket, the players check their bets. If it enters the winning range, the player is the winner. Otherwise, the casino wins (also known as a house edge). Free gameplay, however, makes it possible for gamblers to master their skills, try out new strategies, and simply have fun without risking their hard-earned money.

Main Types of Roulette Game

Throughout the long history of the game, three main types of it have been formed. European and French versions have a lot in common, while the American type is notable in its own way. The main differences relate to:

  • Numbers
  • Zeros available
  • The betting table layout
  • Betting rules
  • Features and elements
  • Nuances of the gaming etiquette

This article describes three classic versions that can be found in almost any casino. So, let’s talk about each of these types in more detail.


It is also called Double-Zero exactly because of the additional zero on the gaming wheel. This version comes with the simplified rules, betting process and payouts. Each player has their own chips of a certain color. The dealer first sells these chips and then exchanges them for cash to reward the winner.

Thus, chips are a form of currency that people use for betting and getting good gains. The Surrender rule is a characteristic feature of the American online roulette. This rule allows players to wager on “equal chances”, cutting the house’s advantage from 5.26% to 2.63%. It’s an analog of the French rule that decreases the profit of the gambling house.


This is the same classic roulette that appeared years ago. Sometimes, people confuse the European version with the French type. It’s indeed common as all other types originate from the French type, and thus have a lot of similarities. But the “original” roulette has principal differences:

  • All gaming terms are exclusively in French;
  • The rule for “equal chances”;
  • The tips for a croupier are obligatory.

As for the process of gaming, it is almost identical for most versions. Therefore, it’s enough to know the rules of the European type, and remember some French words to have a smooth game.


Casinos often use standard chips that players receive at the virtual box office to further place bets and play. The European version includes a single 0 and 36 cells on the wheel. Therefore, sometimes these game type is called One-Zero. It allows to place stakes on:

  • Certain number;
  • Combination of numbers;
  • Number properties: color, multiplicity, etc.

How to Play Free Roulette

Modern casinos give a lot of opportunities to play free roulette online. Aside from this, the gambling websites will offer video slots, promotions, and themed game titles. Such entertainments include game cards, roulette blackjack, etc. Many online venues allow gamblers to download casino software for iPhone or Android phone. Therefore, it is easy to access the game from a mobile device at any time. No matter whether the game is played in a traditional casino, desktop version, or mobile phone app, the key elements are a betting table, a wheel, gaming chips, and a ball.


Registration is the first essential step that you take to join a safe platform and play free roulette live. There are several easy rules:

  • Enter the required registration data, including email;
  • Confirm the fact of legal age;
  • Verify your game account. Further, you can make your first deposit via PayPal or e-wallet;
  • Click the respective button to agree to the terms of the privacy policy.
  • Play free roulette game.

Once your game account is ready, you are able to navigate a sitemap, contact customer service, choose from a great range of options and enjoy the best online games of 2019. The player’s data is secure, but you can still feel free to ask for help if anything goes wrong. Don’t forget, however, that each game has certain rules that must be followed.

Choosing the Game

Some top casinos have an extremely wide selection of titles. Among such site offers you can even find up to 1000 free roulette games. Still, it’s up to you to decide whether you choose to play for real gains or for free.

All this comes with pleasant casino bonuses that increase your chances of a win. These are various jackpots, deposits bonuses, 100% or 200% match offers, and so many more. The player can choose favorite game faster if the site has a review and a detailed description of titles.

Placing of Bets

There are eleven main kinds of bets that a player can make during the game. Generally, it depends on where the player makes a bet: on the field with numbers or outside the main game field.

Outside Table

Such bets are accepted in the section that doesn’t feature numbers. They are divided into even money bets and 2 to 1 bets (i.e. the payment of winnings is 2 to 1). In terms of odds, they are usually better than inside bets. Each bet must meet the minimum wager. Once the winning bets are determined, the dealer removes all the losing chips.

Please note that this category of bets is the same for all roulette versions because zeros are not included in any type of outside bets.

Inside Betting Table

To make an inside bet, it is a necessary thing to place the chips on one number. Also, bets are placed on certain combinations of numbers on the table. Gamblers should know three types of inside bets:

  • Single-number bet;
  • Bet on the number combination;
  • Zero bet.

The requirement for such kind of bet is to meet the minimum table wager. Some casinos set a relatively low maximum bet on internal numbers.

Spinning and Waiting of Outcome

  1. The player places bets from their bankroll putting certain chips on the sectors on the table.
  2. They can pick a line or place chips across the table. But remember that it decreases the overall gain, but gives more chances of winning.
  3. Then the croupier starts the wheel. When it gains some speed, the dealer throws the ball.
  4. At this moment no bets are accepted anymore. With the phrase “No more bets!” or “Rien ne va plus”, the player can’t change their mind or place a new bet.
  5. In offline venues, the croupier stops the wheel. If gamblers play free online roulette, Random Number Generator marks the sector with the ball.
  6. After this, the casino collects the chips of lost played bets, and pays winnings to the lucky players. In the case of online version, it happens automatically.
  7. When the players play online against “virtual Vegas” or it is also called house, they play with the fortune. Probability theory hardly works here.

Experience comes with practice, there’s no doubting it. And free roulette games can help you become a more advanced player. Choose a roulette strategy, master it and become a real roulette pro. Below, you can read through the list of basic strategies that may increase the winning chance when you play for real.

Free Roulette Strategies Learning

All gaming methods and strategies are divided into several types. Learn them here:

  • Methods of optimal bets. The systems suggest the most effective arrangement of stakes on the table. They are calculated mathematically and require strict adherence to the rules. These methods include the Big Square, 20 to 20, etc.
  • Result management. Such roulette strategies are not based on the location of chips on the field, but on the specific spin results. They offer to raise or lower the bets depending on the outcome. As a rule, it is recommended to set equal probabilities (even/odd, red/black, large/small). These systems include D’Alembert, Martingale and Donald Nutson.
  • Mixed strategies. It implies a whole range of activities to increase the player’s chances for success. They are not simple to understand and, often, they are suitable for people with a certain style of play.

However, it’s obvious there is no ideal system or method to win roulette for real money and leave with much cash in your pockets. You can find the more detailed guides in the experts’ reviews. So, try your luck, gain the winning, and enjoy gaming experience.