Online Baccarat 101: Real-Money Variations and Strategies

In the world of online casino games, baccarat remains a top-priority choice for high rollers. Thanks to its low house edge, fast-paced gameplay, and some strategical aspects, the game allows professionals to outplay online casinos. However, this title is pretty popular among occasional players, too. It’s easy to start gambling, learn rules, and make first bets. That’s why more and more users choose this casino game.

In this guide, we want to help you to understand real-money baccarat offers. We will move from the very basics to more advanced strategies and tips. With the article’s help, you can start your first Live Dealer or traditional baccarat run, wager cash, and, maybe, even win. Don’t forget that the following info isn’t professional advice! We provide it for educational purposes and we aren’t responsible for your gaming results. Remember that and let’s begin.

Baccarat Origins

The first thing we want to discuss is the history of baccarat games. To be honest, there’s no evidence of true baccarat origins. Some researchers mention that the game emerged in Italy on the verge of the 15th and 16th centuries. Others even name the inventor of the first baccarat game – Felix Falguiere. Nevertheless, the first proven traces of the title were found in France of the 19th century where it was highly popular among nobles.

By the end of the same century, gamblers from Europe traveled to North America. Playing baccarat in new lands, they brought it to American casinos. By the 1940s-1950s, it turned into a widespread activity. In the 1980s, Vegas venues popularized it among masses. Today, baccarat games can be found in almost any online casino or brick-and-mortar facility. Moreover, there are different versions like mini-baccarat or Live Dealer projects.

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Basics of Real-Money Baccarat

The reviewed gambling thing can look confusing for newcomers but it has pretty simple basics. It’s similar to blackjack because it features two hands that compete with each other, one for a player and one for a venue. Live baccarat games allow participants to wager on one of these two hands or choose a tie bet. The winner is one with 9 points or the closest value.

As for real-money baccarat, it’s cool that it has low house edge levels – lower than 2%. It’s also worth mentioning that it combines luck- and skill-based aspects. That’s why gamblers choose this title regularly when they want to earn a bit or just enjoy quick gambling. Further, we explain how the card game works and what are its types (e.g. Punto Banco).

Rules and Terms

First and foremost, remember that there are three basic variants of this title. They have different rules but some points are always the same. Here, we will describe these common options for all casino games of this group. Also, admit that all real-money offers rely on luck more than on skill. You just should deposit the money and wait for the outcome. Still, with a deep understanding of traditional or mini-baccarat rules, you have more chances to win.

Here these general rules are:

  • A game is a competition between two (or, rarely, three) hands with cards.
  • A participant can make a tie bet or choose a banker or a player, that’s it.
  • Numeric cards have their values, faces and tens worth 0, aces feature just 1 point.
  • The hands can’t bust, so all values above 10 are distracted by 10 and start again.
  • The highest-valued hand wins but it can’t exceed 9 points.
  • Ultimately, there are three outcomes for each hand:
    • A hand with 0 to 5 points must draw more cards until reaching at least 6.
    • A hand with 6 or 7 points must stand, it can’t get more cards.
    • A hand with 8 or 9 points ends the round immediately, values are compared.

Also, you may be interested in some key terms used in Punto Banco and other versions. You can find them in special casino games’ glossaries, for instance. For newcomers, we’d suggest only three essential terms to learn: bankroll (your money for the game, it’s crucial to manage funds), commission (a sum deducting from each winning banker bet, usually is around 5%), and natural (a hand with two initial cards and value of 8 or 9).

Game Types

Apart from the mentioned general rules, there are a few differences. They depend on the exact type of the chosen card game. Initially, the reviewed title emerged in France or Italy so the names are European. We will look at three major versions, including the most famous type presented in online casinos around the globe. Let’s start with it.

Online Punto Banco

While baccarat games root back in Europe, this form is well-known in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and even Macao. Here, two core differences relate to the owners of hands and the ways of card dealing. Croupiers in various gambling venues should know these rules, obviously. If you want to play baccarat online, don’t worry. Modern machines and web games come packed with code that automates everything. You just bet money and wait.

Well, here are two differences we mentioned in the previous paragraph:

  • A dealer controls both hands, gamblers don’t interact with the table.
  • A bank’s hand has extra drawing rules that depend on both hands.

Apart from traditional Punto Banco types, there are more exotic options popular in online casinos. Among them, the most famous one is mini-baccarat that features lower bets and faster gameplay. Also, you may be interested in casino games without compensation (we mentioned this term), with increased or reduced payments for specific values, and with extra actions for gamblers, e.g. to draw or not to draw when you have 5 points.

Online Baccarat Banque

Experts think that this type is the most ancient as it could appear earlier than others in Italy or France. The main difference is that each round of this game features a new dealer. He or she should deal not two but three hands! However, gamblers can put a player bet only or a tie bet on two hands out of three. Instead, a croupier can choose a banker hand in addition to two other options. This change makes the game more challenging.

Note that Baccarat Banque is rarely available online. That’s why if you want to enjoy it, head to land-based baccarat casinos.

Online Chemin de Fer

This live baccarat version is widespread in France. A lot of houses in this country offer Chemin de Fer while other regions prefer other types. Anyways, in this game, gamblers have to compete with other participants, not with the casino itself. Each game features one croupier chosen from the players. All punters have to choose their bets and the largest sum’s owner will compete with the chosen banker.

Similarly to the previous type and unlike Punto Banco, this one is often played offline only. Hence, you should look for brick-and-mortar baccarat games.

Online Baccarat Odds Revealed

The next important point we can’t miss here is the game’s odds and payouts. Evidently, when you play for your own money, it’s vital to know the potential results. Playing baccarat, you should always remember these numbers to choose correct strategies.

As we mentioned earlier, real-money baccarat projects feature only three wagers available to participants. Here they are, with payouts, house edge levels, and odds:

  1. A banker bet. It features 5% compensation so payouts are 0.95 to 1. However, it also has the lowest house edge – just 1.06% on average. And the odds are also a bit lower as they feature around 45.8%.
  2. A player bet. Here, payouts are better – 1 to 1. But the house edge is also higher as it’s somewhere about 1.26%. The odds are lower than the previous ones – 44.6%. In this case, the first bet is better.
  3. A tie bet. This one is the most exotic and undesired option. It has insane payouts – 8 to 1! But the house edge here is 14.4% which means you will lose $14.4 out of each $100 wagered. The odds are incredibly low – 9.5%.

Respectively, it’s better to choose banker bets in the majority of cases. They have the highest returns and pretty high odds. Player hands are good, too, because they feature slightly higher payouts. Finally, just forget about tie bets. They feature too low odds that can’t be compensated even with high payouts.

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Examples of Baccarat Strategies, Tips & Tricks

The first big category of hints includes various casino baccarat strategies that focus on the gameplay itself. For instance, there are betting systems like 1-3-2-4, 1-2-4 or One Side when you always choose only one option, e.g. a banker hand. However, some experts say that it’s better to avoid systems at all. They can’t help you in the luck-based activity, mostly.

The same category features more useful suggestions. For instance, constant betting on the croupier and avoiding tie bets is a good idea because it helps you to maximize returns and minimize unnecessary risks. A hunt for the smallest house edge numbers is viable, too. It’s especially important for high rollers and long-run players.

Finally, there are a few tips and tricks for a general approach to real-money baccarat. Most importantly, you should manage your funds properly. Always know your limits and never bet more than you’re ready to lose. As well, you should know when to stop. For this, we suggest designing a gamin plan before entering any game.

Playing Baccarat Online Step by Step

Finally, let’s learn how to start gambling! For online casinos, the algorithm is extremely simple. First and foremost, you should choose a site you like. It must be licensed and reputable so you can trust it. All real-money baccarat projects require betting cash. If you don’t want to lose it, choose the casinos wisely.

After the site is chosen, you just should follow this guide:

  1. Select a game. You can choose a mini-baccarat project, a traditional version, a Live Dealer title or any other offer from the casino. Just be sure that you know how to play.
  2. Choose a bet. Here, it’s enough to choose one of three options: a bank, a player or a tie. Remember that the first bet is the most suitable almost always.
  3. Watch for the cards. Both hands will be filled with two initial cards. The round will end when one or both hands have at least 8 points.
  4. Check the results. Depending on your bet, you may win, lose or stay. The last option means that the bet remains and the next round starts. It’s possible in some types.

Now, as promised, let’s move to the suggestions on choosing top-rated online casinos and casino games.

Tips to Choose the Best Online Baccarat Casinos

Well, this one will be short and simple. There are a few basic rules that can protect you from unfair online casinos. These points work always, without exclusions. Be sure to follow them if you want to play online baccarat and keep your money/personal data safe. Thus, a good online casino should feature:

  • They aren’t obligatory for all gamblers but can boost your bankroll.
  • Customer support. Helps a lot when you have issues or questions.
  • It’s the most essential thing that shows the casino’s reputability.
  • Mobile version. This one is essential for mobile baccarat game versions.
  • Quality games. Of course, you want to play smooth and cool titles.
  • Security certificates. The site also must be protected with proper encryption.

Apart from the basic rules, good casinos also should feature a few unnecessary but nice things. For instance, if a site has Live Dealer games, you can enjoy your favorite real-like gameplay. And if it’s provably fair, you will be able to test any casino game and prove that the RNG software isn’t rigged.

Baccarat FAQ

How Online Baccarat Works?

Just like land-based analogs but faster and without human croupiers. To play, you should get a casino account, choose any exact game, and make your bets. The only difference is a Live Dealer project. This live baccarat thing on the Internet features real people who deal cards and interact with participants while studios broadcast games.

What Are the Baccarat Rules?

Generally, casino baccarat titles feature traditional Punto Banco rules. As a player, you compete with the house. You can wager on any hand or on a tie. A hand with the value closest to 9 wins. To play online baccarat, you should know these rules and remember our tips. Of course, don’t forget to be responsible.

What Are the Odds in Real-Money Baccarat?

There are three bets and three baccarat game odds:

  1. 45.8% for a banker hand.
  2. 44.6% for a player hand.
  3. 9.5% for a tie.

Different options also feature different house edge numbers and payouts. The first bet is considered the most profitable in live casinos, usually.

Where to Find the Best Casinos?

For beginners, we’d suggest googling it and checking real reviews. You can find them on AskGamblers, for example. Always check if the chosen casino has a license, if it features Live Dealer, mini-baccarat or other types you like, and if it has a customer support center. Remember that you risk your money when playing baccarat.

Final Word

In conclusion, we want to remind that all cash gambling activities are risky. Regardless of your experience, it’s vital to understand all the potential consequences and know your limits. If you play baccarat online and bet your funds, always know when to quit. Professionals and high rollers win regularly because they follow gambling plans carefully. Finally, know that you can contact responsible gambling organizations in case of any problems at any time.